Crawl Tanggula Pass(Tibet) by Cycling




We went into Tibet from Qinghai-Tibet railway by cycling. In Qinghai-Tibet railway, the first pass is the Kunlun Pass, is also our first challenge. One night rest, we arrived at the mouth of winding mountain roads early, here are some food and accommodation. We asked for a pound of lamb clutch, though hard to be chew, we still had a hearty meal, half an hour break in the heated kang of a shop, we began climbing at noon.

Soon, rain with high winds come, we embarrassed the line, The frozen and the severely consumption of the strength tested us. The climate of plateau change quickly, especially the pass sometimes rain, sometimes snow, and sometimes hail.

After Kunlun Pass, Mountain sickness of Lichuan, let him choose to out the line of our three and have a rest in Road Ban Office (he himself arrived Lhasa, Tibet, after a rest). Remaining Ayi and me continue to climb, step by step, slow moving like reptiles…

A few days later, from the Kunlun pass to the tuo tun river, and after anther five beams, finally we got the highest point of the Qinghai-Tibet line, that is the tanggula mouth which altitude is 5231 meters. Approaching a time when we got the Tanggula mouth, the passing drivers whistle to encourage us which strengthened our confidence. On the pass, our vision opened. Cladin estern peaks (the first peak of yangtze river source) is within our reach. Under the snowcapped mountains is the rolling grassland. Near to us Several tibetans are saleing of snow lotus…