Cycling Qinghai Lake




Forest tent @ Qinghai lake

Deshao and his friend ride to Tar from Xining, but his friend‘s bike breaks down, so they start to the Qinghai Lake next day. There are brilliant autumn and beautiful sections.

October 14, Deshao sent me a sms said: “We has been Huangyuan, so at the Haiyan on the road. We camping in a forest this night, and had just eaten some roasted sweet potatoes, drinking Iron Goddess of Mercy, and sat by the fire with the stars in the sky and Chit-Chat, it seems that we have entered a fairyland, we didnot have a trouble, the first primary school of Chengguan, Huangyuan, Qinghai”

The roadside food to Deshao and his friends it is so delicious though it is so simple, esp in the cold northwest wind the Pancakes and tea with milk make them difficult to forget.

After sweet, hard comes. October 15, Deshao said: “they ride the slope against the wind and arrived haiyan around two clock in the afternoon, they are so tired that they got sleep to night after drank some Green trees Liquor.”

They stayed one night in Haiyan and continue cycling to Qinghai Lake…soon they come to Qinghai Lake.

October 16, Time Passes Quickly…

The beautiful Qinghai Lake is so Impressive to Deshao, there are so many interesting things hanpened in the coming journey.

Sometimes they took a photo with ox sometimes…

Intense UV has made their face two red-scarred Gaoyuanhong, but they still took photos with sleep or…

If they tired they would stop and pose interestingly to take photos or…

Climbed the dunes of the side road.

Hey saw the Rural primary schools and Learned to be childhood, but all of this were built on the hardships behind. One night before they arrived Gonghe, they Camped in the Qinghai Lake where the temperature is a few degrees below zero at night and both inside and outside tents knot got thin ice rapidly, because the equipment is so original, they two can not get sleep the whole night.

Deshao said at night inside the tent the water can freeze, so they did not dare go out and get urgency.

Deshao also said interestingly , camped below zero,after one night the sleeping bags are wet,how great i am.

——Combine with the above two sentences, it makes me think that he wet the bed?

October 17, hard journey and the original equipment make Deshao and his friends decide after cycling the Qinghai Lake they change the methods. Take a bus when there is no beautiful scene, a few days bus and a few days cycling.their next stop: Qinghai Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.